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About Hoist Hellas

Hoist Hellas is a company which specializes in providing servicing management for loan and credit receivables, regulated by the Bank of Greece and according to Article1 Paragraph 1. a. of Law 4354/2015 as stipulated in the Executive Committee Act 095/27.5.2016.

About Hoist Finance

As a debt-restructuring partner, we purchase non-performing loans from our partners, international banks and financial institutions, so that they can free up resources for their core business. Through expertise and rigorous compliance we earn our partners’ trust. Just as importantly, we support our customers, the borrowers, in becoming debt-free through long-term, sustainable payment plans based on their individual circumstances. Through respect, honesty and fairness we earn our customers’ trust.

After purchasing non-performing loans from banks, we contact the customer to engage in an open dialog in order to fully understand the customer’s situation. Treating customers respectfully is essential to us. Focus is on working with each customer to create a reasonable, long-term instalment plan. The guidelines for our collection method are transparency, dialogue and mutual respect. The goal is for the customer to be satisfied, debt free and able to return to the financial ecosystem as a trusted bank customer.

Hoist Finance also offers a retail deposits in Germany and in Sweden. With nearly 70,000 active accounts, we have developed a leading deposit offer for retail.

Hoist Finance has over 20 years’ experience in the acquisition and collection of more than 2,100 portfolios of non-performing loans. Our success is based in part on long-term relationships with our partners. We are regarded as a transparent, reliable partner to banks and are also a regulated financial institution supervised and governed by the same authorities and regulations as banks, building trust among our partners, the banks.

Hoist Finance is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has operations in ten other European countries. We contribute to a long-term sustainable financial ecosystem and a brighter future for our customers.

Read more about Hoist Finance here (hoistfinance.com).


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